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About Our Products


Primary teachers love to use Boardworks resources! Our software is:

Exciting and fun, engaging all the children in your classes
Comprehensive, giving you complete KS2 coverage across all subject areas, and a growing range of software for younger children
Easy-to-use meaning you can start teaching straightaway

In this section you can find out more about our primary resources, including:

• Why we design our software in PowerPoint with embedded Flash
• Why our resources are perfect for projectors and interactive whiteboards

If you are looking for information about the different age ranges we publish content for at primary, then take a look at What we cover.

If you are a Head Teacher, an ICT Coordinator, or in another role responsible for using ICT throughout your school, find out why our primary Whole-School Solutions can help every teacher meet their teaching and learning objectives.

And if you are ready to find out about the specifics, take a look at the Subject Areas we cover to start exploring our resources in detail.