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Free art animation: Top Tips for drawing

Help your class secure their drawing skills this term with our free animation to teach students how they can accurately draw what is in front of them.

These Top Tips will help your students to make sure their drawings are faithful to reality by encouraging them to explore new ways of studying their subject. It explains how they can use techniques such as drawing in the air, using a viewfinder and even turning the image upside down to help improve their observation and accuracy!


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Below is an archive of our most popular free art & design resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Introduce your KS3 students to the works of Antoni Gaudí!

Show your class how architects can turn buildings into works of art with our free presentation on Gaudí!

Beautiful images and an overview of Gaudí’s Art Nouveau style ensure that students are aware of the hallmarks of the architect’s work. A fun interactive involves ‘Gaudifying’ a building by adding curving balconies, spiralling staircases, abstract stained glass windows, and much more…

Students are then challenged to redesign their school using as many characteristics of Gaudí’s work as possible, taking inspiration from the organic forms and shapes they notice within the school’s surroundings.


Free interactive activity on perspective in artwork!

Show your art students the importance of obeying the laws of perspective with our free interactive!

This activity encourages students to click on any errors of perspective they observe within an image from William Hogarth’s engraving, Satire on False Perspective. Your students will have to look very carefully to identify them all! From swans bigger than men, to the tops of roofs visible from below, this engraving is not all that it seems


Free presentation: developing ideas

Download the free presentation!

Help your students learn how to demonstrate their idea development using our free presentation.

The presentation first explores techniques students could use to generate their initial ideas, including mind maps, artists and experimentation with different media.

Then, using an engaging interactive activity, the presentation looks at how to develop those ideas effectively using a mood board, encouraging students to use a viewfinder to create different, interesting compositions.


Pull a funny face: Free Boardworks Art activity on facial features!

Have some fun with our free activity on facial features!

The activity asks students to place eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips so they are in proportion on the face.

Click on each of the features to find out more information about where they should be positioned, and click ‘show guides’ to display the handy guidelines!


Exotic flora: free Boardworks presentation!

Download the free presentation on exotic flora!

Introduce your students to the exotic flora using our free presentation!

The presentation covers the characteristics of exotic flora, and how those characteristics could be represented. It finishes with an interactive activity asking students to experiment with textures by applying different colours and effects to a line-drawing of exotic flora.

Packed with great ideas for pair-work this presentation is a great way to encourage students to think creatively about a stimulus material, and various ways it could be represented.

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