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Secondary user guide – AS Psychology
The secondary user guide contains advice for teachers on getting started with the product, and covers common questions and technical information.
AS Psychology Contents
Ideal for lesson planning, this comprehensive contents document lists all presentations included in the product and outlines the main learning objectives covered by each.
AS Psychology Mapping Grid
This comprehensive mapping grid clearly highlights how the product links with the AQA A, AQA B, Edexcel and OCR AS Psychology specifications, allowing you to locate required teaching material with speed and ease.
AS Psychology Example Worksheet: Cognitive Psychology, Memory
Editable worksheets make ideal class handouts and help cement overall understanding of a topic by encouraging students to work independently and at their own pace.
AS Psychology Example Worksheet: Biological Psychology Exam-Style Questions
Exam-style questions conclude each unit with worksheet versions of all the questions, plus teacher's notes on what students should include.
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