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Extensive coverage of the specifications for AS-Level Psychology

Explore every part of AS Psychology with creative and varied teaching material, like this click-and-reveal activity about the different perspectives in psychology from the Introduction to Psychology presentation. Boardworks AS Psychology ensures you’ll have all the resources you need, whatever exam board you follow.

Introduction to Psychology
  • AS Psychology comprises six units to provide extensive coverage of the AQA A, AQA B, Edexcel and OCR specifications. In addition there is a short introductory unit to introduce psychology as a subject.
  • The wealth of material contained in each presentation enables you to explore and teach AS Psychology in detail.

Well-organised resources for whatever you're teaching

All presentations are coherently structured and enhanced by a wide range of material to help you get the most out of your lessons. Typical slides, like this one about research into learning theory, combine the main points for teaching, comprehensively conveyed with relevant illustrative material.

Developmental Psychology
  • An interactive menu system in AS Psychology makes it easy to select the presentation you want, and also offers quick access to the useful contents guide.
  • High-quality illustrations, diagrams and photographs illustrate key facts and aid overall understanding of the subject.

Time saving and ready-to-teach

Boardworks lessons are fully prepared and contain a wide variety of teaching materials, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. This animation explains Milgram’s study of obedience to students in an easy-to-follow, accessible way.

Social Psychology
  • Wide-ranging content ignites student interest and creates varied, engaging and inspirational lessons.
  • Key research studies are clearly conveyed to enhance learning.

Inspiringly interactive

Embrace the potential of your whiteboard and engage your class in inspiringly interactive psychology lessons. Interactive experiments, like this one about stress-related illness, demonstrate key psychological research studies clearly and succinctly.

Biological Psychology
  • Simplify theories with interactive diagrams and step-by-step simulations designed to be easily-understandable.
  • Support and enhance your lessons with thought-provoking virtual experiments and animations.

A wealth of exciting ideas

Encourage overall understanding of important topics with attention-grabbing animated experiments. This engaging activity allows students to teach Pavlov’s dog to salivate at the sound of a bell using classical conditioning.

Developmental Psychology
  • Explore and explain psychological theories, models and investigations using a variety of appealing animations and virtual experiments.
  • Boardworks AS Psychology brings key studies to life with a wealth of virtual experiments, dynamic animations and case studies.

Easy-to-use, flexible resources

Boardworks AS Psychology is straightforward to use and can be completely tailored to the needs of your class. This slide about real-world applications of Milgram’s research can be used flexibly – either as it is, or edited and adapted to fit your teaching requirements.

Social Psychology
  • All presentations are created in PowerPoint for ease of use, versatility and editability.
  • Presentations can be added to and enhanced with your own ideas and resources.
  • Exercises and activities can be adapted as needed, to support your own teaching methods and perfectly fit the abilities of your students.

Additional teaching support

Boardworks presentations are accompanied by numerous additional resources, which can enhance your lessons in a multitude of ways. Each unit is concluded with exam-style questions to help students successfully focus their learning and prepare for exams. Accompanying teacher’s notes provide sample answers.

Research Methods
  • Detailed contents documents serve as handy reference guides and are great for lesson planning.
  • The useful mapping grids help you locate the material you require for your lessons with speed and ease.

Engaging summary material

Round up lessons and topics with engaging review material, like this exciting team quiz which tests comprehension of privation. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to cover a topic from start to finish.

Developmental Psychology
  • All units contain a variety of interactive activities to enliven the material.
  • Comprehensive glossaries are included for all six units and are valuable aids for reference and revision.
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