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Boardworks offers a range of exciting interactive resources specifically designed for the new Australian National Curriculum for Science, Maths and English. Boardworks resources are packed with exciting interactive activities, games and animations to help you get the most out of your classroom technology. The resources are fully customisable and editable, meaning you can tailor them to the needs of your class.

Here's what teachers have to say:

"The kids love it, as soon as you turn on the projector. I think they're great. I'd buy them all!" Melody Gabriel, Head of Science, Northcote High School, Melbourne

"They are great resources for teachers and students alike, and provide a vast array of important information presented in a student-friendly manner. Thank you, Boardworks!" Bob Ferguson, Head of Science, St Augustine's College, Sydney

"Using Boardworks in the classroom has proved to be a time-saver and a great teaching tool. The students are able to interact with the PowerPoints and the content is appropriate for the age level. Students are engaged throughout the lesson, and following the sequence of the PowerPoints makes for a well paced, clear lesson with informal assessment opportunities." Carly Townsend, Maths teacher, St Augustine's College, Sydney

"We are very happy with the material. I'd recommend Boardworks resources to any friend or colleague!" Antonio Boschero, Head of Foreign Languages, Queenwood School for Girls, NSW

Boardworks also offer resources for ICT, PSHEE, PE and D&T, which work well with the Australian curriculum. Click on the links to find out more.

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