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Individual Rights: Health & Social Care resources

In the wake of several care home abuse scandals highlighting the mistreatment of residents, it is important to focus on the ethical considerations involved in Health & Social Care.

We’ve created some free resources about individual rights in Health & Social Care for you to use in your classes.

Using click-to-reveal and drag-and-drop activities to initiate whole class discussion, the PowerPoint presentation covers questions such as:

  • What are ‘individual rights’?
  • How might carers actively promote each individual’s rights?
  • What responsibilities might come with these rights?

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Below is an archive of our most popular health & social care resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Factors that affect communication: Health & Social Care resources

Each culture has its own rules about general behaviour which affect both verbal and non-verbal communication. These differences can lead to communication problems.

As a carer, it is important to recognise that cultures or social groupings different from your own will have their own behaviour patterns.

We’ve created some free teaching resources for you to use with your students, which explore:

• Social and cultural effects on communication
• Misinterpretation of messages

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Communication Cycle: Health & Social Care resources

If you teach the Communication Cycle to Health & Social Care students, you’ll be interested to know that we’ve created some free resources for you to download below.

The free PowerPoint presentation and accompanying worksheet teaches students about the language barriers that can prevent communication, specifically slang, dialects and jargon.

The resources can be used on an interactive whiteboard, a projector or in an ICT Suite, or can be printed off to be used as handouts.

To download the free presentation, click the button below.

To download the accompanying worksheet, click the link below.



Recognising your learning style

To ensure your students get the most of their BTEC, it is important that they recognise their learning style.

To help your students discover whether they learn best by seeing, listening or doing, we’ve created some free resources that are easy to download from our blog page.

The presentation includes a VAK dominance quiz, which provides a personal analysis based on students’ answers to situations including how they relax, how they solve problems and how they remember people.

To download the free content, click the link below.