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Extensive coverage of the core units for the BTEC First qualification

Explore BTEC First Travel and Tourism with comprehensive and varied teaching material, like this engaging animation showing how jet lag can affect people and how it can be countered. With hundreds of slides in total, Boardworks has Edexcel's BTEC First Travel and Tourism covered.

Understanding the Nature and Effects of World Travel
  • Comprises 25 presentations of comprehensive teaching material divided into three core units in line with the 2010 specifications: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector; Understanding Customer Service in Travel and Tourism; and Understanding the Nature and Effects of World Travel.
  • Boardworks BTEC First Travel and Tourism Plus comprises 49 presentations, providing comprehensive coverage of the core units plus the additional units: Unit 4, The Development of the UK Travel and Tourism Sectors; Unit 5, Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel and Tourism; and Unit 6, UK Tourism Destinations.

Well-organised resources for whatever you’re teaching

Boardworks lessons are coherently structured and enhanced by a wealth of material to stimulate and inspire your students. For ease of navigation, chapter slides clearly list the main learning outcomes for each section.

Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel and Tourism
  • Colourful illustrations, informative photographs and clear diagrams supplement key facts and aid overall understanding.
  • Real-life examples set learning in context.
  • Activities and practice assignments are clearly marked with grading criteria for achieving pass, merit and distinction.

Time saving and ready-to-teach

Boardworks BTEC First Travel and Tourism lessons are ready-to-teach, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. This interactive activity shows students the issues that have affected the UK travel and tourism sector over the last decade.

Development of the UK Travel and Tourism Sector
  • Motivate your students with original interactive projects and fun games.
  • Break down difficult concepts in an easy-to-recall way with step-by-step animations.
  • Approximately one in three slides is enriched with interactive content.

Inspiringly interactive

Designed specifically for your interactive whiteboard, the presentations let you explore BTEC First Travel and Tourism in a unique, engaging and stimulating way. This interactive world map illustrates airports and countries; layers can be turned on and off and continents can be explored in more detail with the zoom function.

Understanding the Nature and Effects of World Travel
  • Inspire your students with detailed animations and interactive activities.
  • Encourage class discussion and debate using true-or-false activities and drag-and-drop exercises.
  • Open-ended activities such as mind maps and interactive travel atlases and maps help develop essential skills.

A wealth of exciting ideas

Visually-appealing tasks inspire whole-class participation and understanding of key concepts. Encourage your students to apply theory to real-life situations with this case study on dealing with complaints.

Understanding Customer Service in Travel and Tourism
  • Important ideas are presented in ways which are easy to understand and simple to recall.
  • Complex concepts are reinforced through fun quizzes and games, which encourage and motivate students.

Easy-to-use, flexible resources

With Boardworks BTEC First Travel and Tourism, you can easily tailor the resources to the needs of your students. Use this slide on different sorts of paper-based resources as it is, or edit it in line with your teaching needs or student experiences by adding your own text and images.

UK Tourism Destinations
  • All presentations are created in PowerPoint for ease of use, versatility and editability.
  • Presentations can be added to and enhanced with your own ideas and resources.
  • Exercises and activities can be used flexibly to support your own teaching methods and meet the different abilities and learning needs of your students.

Additional teaching support

Boardworks presentations are complemented by numerous support resources to enhance your lessons in a multitude of ways. The product is accompanied by an additional presentation, How to get the most out of your BTEC, which is packed with activities to help students adjust to the demands of studying for the BTEC First qualification.

How to get the most out of your BTEC
  • Role play cards and worksheets are included to help provide opportunities for extension work and allow students to study independently or in groups.
  • Presentations are clearly mapped to the official grading criteria and relevant key skills clearly highlighted.
  • Detailed teacher’s notes provide suggested answers to questions posed, relevant web links and ideas for extension activities.

Engaging summary material

Round up your lessons with interesting and varied plenaries, like this luggage race game, which has students playing in teams to answer questions correctly in order to pack their suitcase the quickest. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to comprehensively cover a subject from start to finish.

The UK Travel and Tourism Sector
  • Motivational summary material tests your students’ knowledge and understanding.
  • End-of-topic plenaries, such as multiple choice exercises and evaluative games, cover the entire content of the course.
  • Many presentations include a set of easily adaptable practice assignment activities, which are mapped to grading criteria and PLTS.
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