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BTEC First Travel & Tourism Upgrade

Published July 2010
How has BTEC First Travel & Tourism changed?

Extensive coverage of the 2010 specifications

Boardworks BTEC First Travel & Tourism has been extensively updated to offer comprehensive coverage of Edexcel's 2010 specifications for the BTEC First Certificate, Extended Certificate and a wealth of material for the Diploma, giving you everything you need to start teaching the new specification.

BTEC First Travel & Tourism has been updated to cover the new core units: The UK Travel & Tourism Sector; Understanding Customer Service in Travel & Tourism; and Understanding the Nature & Effects of World Travel.
Boardworks BTEC First Travel & Tourism Plus will also cover the additional units: Development of the UK Travel & Tourism Sector; Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel & Tourism; and UK Tourism Destinations.
Brand-new grading grids map the new content to Edexcel's 2010 specifications, showing the requirements for achieving pass, merit and distinction, and mapped to Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

Brand-new teaching material

With a wealth of new presentations to cover the new core units, BTEC First Travel & Tourism has been updated for the new academic year to fulfil all your teaching needs, with new exciting activities, interactive maps, and updated artwork and photographs to engage the whole class.

Dozens of new exciting activities and interactive maps have been added and updated for the new content to maintain your students' interest and get the whole class involved.
A wealth of new case studies put the theory of the new material into context and bring the world of work alive, saving you hours of preparation time.
Brand-new practice assignment slides are included, easily adaptable, marked with grading criteria and mapped to Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

Inspiringly interactive

The updated BTEC First Travel & Tourism is packed with dozens of new interactive quizzes, games and whole-class activities, guaranteed to hold your students' attention and get the whole class involved.

Exciting brand-new activities simulate workplace scenarios, allowing students to gain useful experience from the classroom.
Over one in three slides now contains interactive activities, indicated by the red 'f' icon in the top right-hand corner.
Photographs and illustrations have been updated to add colour to your lessons and bring the travel and tourism sector to life.
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