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Free KS4 business studies presentation on functional areas!

Do your students know the ins and outs of functional areas within an organisation? Make sure their knowledge is secure with our free presentation!

This resource clearly defines functional areas and encourages your students to think about all the departments which are required to keep a large organisation running. An interactive match-up exercise then checks that your class understands the roles of different functional areas.

The presentation also covers and explains chains of command and spans of control within a business. Another interactive activity asks students to place a series of job titles within a botanic garden in order to create the correct chain of command. 


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Below is an archive of our most popular free business resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free business studies interactive on consumer laws!

Recap consumer laws and the ways they can be broken with this free interactive activity!

This fun interactive reinforces how important it is for a business to follow consumer laws.

The cartoon contains five clickable areas, displaying instances where a fictitious supermarket has flouted the rules. A pop-up box details the law which has been broken.

This is the perfect whole-class activity to put consumer law into context!















Free KS4 presentation on business ownership!

Make sure your students know all about limited companies with our free KS4 presentation!

This presentation provides a clear explanation of what characterises a limited company, and what is needed to set one up.

An engaging drag-and-drop activity then tests your students’ recollection of what can be found on the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.

Why not use this presentation either to introduce or reinforce your students’ knowledge of limited companies?


Free Business Studies activity on safety checks!

Get your Business Studies students thinking about safety procedures with our free interactive activity!

This interactive encourages discussion of safety checks within the engaging context of a theme park. Whilst watching the rollercoaster animation, ask your students to jot down the checks the ride operator and computer control system would need to make.

An interactive activity then challenges your class to put the checks in order to ensure the passengers have a safe ride!















Free KS4 Business Studies presentation on business aims and objectives!

Download our free presentation!

Do your students know the difference between the public sector and the private sector? Make sure it’s crystal clear with our free presentation on aims and objectives!

This useful presentation lays out the aims and objectives of both sectors, encouraging your class to consider the nature of the businesses and organisations they encounter in their own lives. An interactive exercise illustrates these concepts, as well as emphasising that some sorts of organisation can lie within either sector.

A final slide introduces the idea of SMART objectives, and how these help organisations to achieve their aims.

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