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Free presentation on identity

Use this free citizenship presentation to help your class hold a thoughtful discussion on identity and the different ethnic groups which make up the UK.

This presentation will encourage your students to think about their own heritage and how we define our identities. It also contains interactive whole-class activities, including an animation which illustrates historic influences on UK heritage from Roman, Anglo Saxon and Viking settlers.


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Free citizenship presentation on the hung parliament!

Make sure that your students understand the results of the June 2017 election with our free presentation!

This topical resource starts with a clear and visual animation explaining majority and minority governments, and how we have ended up with a hung parliament.

Next, enter into a virtual House of Commons with your class to gain an insight into everything from exactly where the Opposition sits, to what the role of the Speaker is! An interactive match-up activity then reinforces the definitions of key terms.

To finish, divide your students into two teams and introduce some competition to the classroom with our interactive quiz! Each team much answer questions on the material covered in a race to cast their vote into the ballot box first…


Free KS4 presentation on producing the news!

Make sure your KS4 citizenship students understand how the news is produced with our free presentation!

Start your students off thinking about the people involved in news production with an interactive activity on job roles. Discussion questions encourage your class to think about the circumstances under which executive editors may choose to influence the portrayal of a news story.

The presentation also explains what is meant by ‘freedom of the press’. Students are encouraged to look at the local or national news and identify examples of persuasive and non-factual language. This leads on to a discussion of how the press informs and influences us, and the measures in place to stop this power being abused.


How the law protects animals: free presentation!

Download the free presentation!

Try our free presentation on animal rights and laws!

This presentation will help teach your students how pets and animals are protected by law.

Descriptions of the rules in place detail how pet owners must ensure basic rights for their animals; what restrictions apply to certain types of animals; and the penalties for those who do not follow animal laws as set out by Parliament and local councils.

Finish the presentation with our interactive quiz
to see how much your students have learned!


Budgeting: free Boardworks presentation!

Download the free presentation!

Introduce your students to budgeting using our free presentation.

The presentation uses several discussion questions to get students thinking carefully about their income and expenditures, and includes a simple table to help them calculate their weekly incomings and outgoings.

It finishes with an engaging interactive activity that challenges students to get their thinking caps on and work out the price of goods and services – once VAT has been added!

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