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Evaluating Drama work: free presentation!

Download the free presentation!

Try our free presentation on the benefits of evaluating your work in Drama!

This presentation teaches your students how to contribute effectively to class discussions, and what constitutes constructive feedback.

Interactive activities include rating reasons in terms of their importance; and analysing the most effective ways to evaluate performance.



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Below is an archive of our most popular free drama resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


It’s all Greek (costume) to me: Free activity on ancient Greek costumes

Encourage your students to think creatively about costume design using our free activity on ancient Greek costumes!

The activity asks students to plan their costumes by dragging items of clothing and accessories onto a male and a female figure.

Fun and engaging, this activity would be a perfect addition to a lesson on costume design or Greek theatre.



Free activity on stage lighting!

Help your students discover the effect of lighting design with our free interactive activity!

The activity asks students to experiment with gels and gobos to create interesting lighting effects over five actors on the stage; try asking your students to discuss what the different colours could symbolise, or what the various shapes could suggest.

Engaging and vibrant, this activity is a great way to encourage your students to think creatively about how lighting can be used to communicate with an audience.


Free presentation on puppets!

Download the presentation on puppets!

Get your students excited about puppetry with our free presentation!

The presentation covers acting with objects and different styles of puppetry before asking students to create a design brief for a Minotaur, and finishing with a step-by-step animated guide to making a shadow puppet stage set.

Packed with engaging material and ideas for workshops, this presentation is an ideal resource to introduce your students to puppets.


Free presentation on genre!

Download the free presentation on genres!

Get your GCSE students thinking about the characteristics of different genres with our free presentation!

This presentation explains what a genre is and describes some of the earliest examples of genres.

It includes an interactive pinball machine activity explaining how we categorize drama into genres, as well as a whole-class activity asking your students to list the qualities and characteristics of different genres.

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