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Phoenix High School, London case study
Phoenix High School, London
Emma Good, Lead Learner of English

Emma Good is the Lead Learner of English at the Phoenix High School in Shepherds Bush and her department makes great use of Boardworks English across their KS3 and KS4 teaching.

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Holly Hall School, Dudley case study
Holly Hall School, Dudley
Zoe Edwards, Head of English

“The interactive quizzes and games are good for the whole group because they get the kids involved at the start of the lesson.” Zoe also finds the audio clips of Shakespeare’s Richard III very useful: “It helps give a different voice to what the kids are used to listening to.”

Review of Boardworks AS-Level English Literature case study
Review of Boardworks AS-Level English Literature
The Use of English journal, Volume 63, Spring 2012

 "The prospect [...] of a whole CD-Rom of activities which can be adapted to fit a particular lesson is incredibly appealing." "There are many excellent PowerPoints." "Clear definitions of key literary theories." "Another plus is the range of interactive tools." "Audio clips and annotated texts [...] are illuminating and understandable."

Twitter case study

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