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Try out our virtual experiment on acids and metal oxides!

Teach your students about acids and metal oxides with our free virtual experiment.

The animation shows a reaction between sulfuric acid and copper oxide.

This includes every stage of the reaction so that students can see what happens when more copper oxide is added, and how to separate the copper sulfate produced.















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We also have sample presentations available on human behaviour, covalent bonding, and electrical circuits: request yours by filling in this quick form.


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Teach your students about infrared radiation with this free presentation!

Presentation on infrared radiation

Lead a class discussion on infrared radiation with this free presentation.

The presentation helps to explain how heat travels through space, covering infrared waves and the absorption of thermal radiation.

Students can then take part in a virtual experiment, where they must investigate which surfaces will emit and absorb the most thermal radiation.

At the end of the class, you can test your students’ understanding with a true or false activity.


Try out our free animation explaining electric charge!

Teach your students about electric charge with our free animation.

The animation introduces a model for electricity, explaining how current moves in an electric circuit.

With water representing charge, a water pump representing a battery and a water wheel as a circuit component, students can see the process of electricity flow in action.

This animation is ideal for KS4.















Free worksheet featuring an experiment on animal behaviour!

Try out our free worksheet exploring what conditions woodlice prefer!

The worksheet explains the experiment to students, and then encourages them to make a prediction to the question: what side of the choice chamber will the woodlice prefer?

Your class will then have to analyse the results provided. This includes drawing a line graph and answering a number of questions.

This is a perfect class activity or homework task for Years 7-9.


Free animation on blood glucose levels!

Teach your class about blood glucose levels with this free animation!

This interactive activity features the liver and pancreas, and demonstrates glucose circulating in the blood stream.

Students can then click to see how the levels of glucose change depending on whether someone has eaten or recently exercised.

This animation is ideal for Years 10 and 11 and a good introduction to the role played by hormones in controlling the levels of blood glucose.
















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