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Teach your students how to write a blurb with this free presentation!

Get your students writing about fiction with this free presentation!

This resource includes a summary from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and an explanation of all the features of a blurb.

Using this knowledge, students are given some information about a novel, including a plot outline and a quote, and must try to write a suitable blurb.


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Help your students avoid clichés in their creative writing!

Teach your students how to avoid clichés and boost their creative writing grades with this free activity.

The interactive presents your students with a number of clichés and challenges them to rewrite each phrase in a more original way.

Your class will then see an example of a paragraph full of clichés, which is then re-written and improved.

This activity is crucial in encouraging your students to talk about their own creative writing and recognising how they can use descriptive language to improve their work.















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Teach your students about characterisation with this free presentation!

Dickens presentation

Boost your students’ creative writing skills with this free presentation on characterisation.

The presentation informs students about the roles of dialogue, action, and description in storytelling, using the key example of Scrooge.

Students are encouraged to think about how Dickens uses creative writing techniques to present one of his most infamous characters.

Accompanied by a number of lesson ideas, this presentation is the perfect whole class activity.


Free interactive on group discussions!

Should you help to solve any conflicts that might arise? Is it a good idea to stay on task the whole time?

This new, free activity encourages students to consider a number of statements on group discussions.

It’s then up to your class to decide whether each action would be positive or negative in a group scenario.

Perfect as a lesson opener, this interactive teaches students the importance of being an effective and positive contributor in group discussions.















Free presentation on sonnets!

Try out this new, free presentation on sonnets!

The presentation focuses on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘Sonnet 43 from the Portuguese’ and includes a number of interactive activities to test your students’ understanding of sonnets.

The interactives inform students about the structure of sonnets, including rhythm, rhyme schemes and punctuation.

This presentation is perfect for years 9 and 10 and will help them to think more critically about the structure of a sonnet.


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