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Free stuff troubleshooting

Having trouble using our free stuff?

If you're having problems downloading or using our free stuff, there are a few easy solutions:

Can't use the interactive activities?

1) You need to have the latest version of Flash downloaded to view the interactive content in our free stuff. To download the latest version of Flash player for free, visit  

2) If you have the latest version of Flash downloaded and still can't view the interactive content, Microsoft Office may be blocking the Flash content. One of two situations will show Flash content is being blocked. Either: 1) there are black crosses over the slides with Flash activities, or 2) when you click "start" on an activity it just goes straight to the next slide.
To change your security settings in PowerPoint:
- go to PowerPoint Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.
- select "Enable all" within both Macro Setting and ActiveX Settings.

3) Have you put the PowerPoint in "Slide Show" mode? In Office 2007 and more recent, the slides that have Flash activities on them will look blank in "Slide Sorter" view. They will only display properly in full screen "Slide Show" mode.

4) Are you using a full version of Microsoft Office? You’ll need the full version of Office to use the free interactive resources.

5) Are you using Google Chrome? Certain versions of Google Chrome disable Adobe Flash Player by default. In this scenario, you will see a grey square with a message saying “Click here to enable Adobe Flash Player”. Click on the square, then select Allow to use our interactive resources.

6) Are you using a Mac? Unfortunately, our free stuff is not compatible with Macs. Have you tried our new fully Mac-compatible product Doddle?

Can't download the free stuff?

1) Are you trying to open a PowerPoint from a temporary location, created by Outlook? Try saving the attachment to your computer before you try to open the PowerPoint.

2) Does your school block downloads? Please speak to your school's IT department to find out whether downloads are being blocked.


If none of these solutions works for you, please contact us by emailing or calling 01865 208 440.

01865 208 440

Call us or email if you require assistance using Boardworks products.