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Free KS3 presentation on plate tectonics!

Explain plate boundaries and earthquakes to your KS3 class with the help of our free presentation!

A map of plate boundaries shows your students where earthquakes are most likely to occur worldwide.

Two animations demonstrate exactly how destructive and conservative plate boundaries can lead to earthquakes, explaining subduction and introducing the example of the San Andreas fault in California. An interactive activity then asks your class to label the epicentre, focus, and seismic waves on a diagram. 


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Free geography presentation on weather maps!

Make sure your students are confident in reading and understanding weather maps with our free presentation!

This presentation lays out the basics of synoptic charts and how to identify pressure systems correctly. It also provides an in-depth explanation of weather symbols, and what these can tell us about wind, precipitation, and cloud cover.

Two interactive activities test your students’ understanding by challenging them first to match a weather description with the appropriate synoptic symbol, and then take a multiple-choice quiz of what the weather is like in various labelled parts of the British Isles.


Free KS3 activity on field sketching!

Give your KS3 students some top tips on field sketching with this free interactive activity.

The interactive provides the basics of how to sketch a landscape scene successfully, demonstrating how to outline the main structural features and pick out which to annotate.

Students are then given the opportunity to try their hand at sketching two landscapes themselves using the interactive whiteboard.

Give your students sketching practice and reinforce geographical terminology at the same time! 


Free Geography activity on the glacier system!

Test your class on their understanding of the glacier system with our free interactive activity!

Make sure your students have grasped inputs, outputs, store and flow by asking them to label a diagram of a glacier.

With the help of clear visuals, this engaging drag-and-drop activity breaks down exactly what is happening in and around a glacier.

It also reinforces the key words your KS4 students will need in order to write about glacial processes with confidence.

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