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Free KS4 worksheet on the digital representation of data!

Check your KS4 computing students’ understanding of data representation with our free worksheet!

Use this multiple-choice worksheet to ensure that your students understand how images, sounds and instructions are represented digitally.

A full answers sheet is provided, as well as a detailed glossary. This contains comprehensive definitions of all key terms, making this a valuable revision resource.


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Below is an archive of our most popular free ICT and Computing resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free KS3 interactive on applying effects to text!

Ensure that your KS3 students know all about formatting text with our free interactive!

Watch an animated superhero format text in various ways to see how its appearance is altered. This fun interactive demonstrates the effects of putting text in bold, underlining it, italicising it, applying a shadow, and putting it into superscript or subscript.

Use this animation in class today to check your students know how to use text effects correctly and appropriately















Free KS3 animation on bubble sorting!

Show your ICT and Computing students exactly how a bubble sort functions with our free animation!

Robby the robot helps to explain the principles of bubble sorting in a fun and visual demonstration. By watching Robby put the numbered ducks into order, your KS3 students are taken through the sorting process step-by-step.

Perfect as an introduction to bubble sorting, this is the ideal whole-class activity to ensure that your students have a solid understanding of the topic!















Free KS3 ICT and Computing worksheet on financial security and technology!

Do your KS3 students understand the importance of being careful with security when using technology?

This free worksheet reinforces the basics of when and how technological devices can help us in financial transactions, as well as encouraging students to consider the concerns people might have about online banking.

An activity then requires students to apply their knowledge to a real-life context and identify an everyday security mistake…


Free ICT and Computing interactive on memory management!

Cement your KS4 students’ understanding of memory management with our free animation!

This step-by-step animation demonstrates how memory is managed when a program is running.

It depicts the CPU fetching each instruction and necessary data from the memory, and then storing the result once the instruction is completed.

This animation is the ideal way to reinforce the basics of memory management for your whole class! 















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