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Ideal for teaching the international curriculum, including the Cambridge International curriculum, IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate, Boardworks resources for international schools are packed with exciting interactive activities, games and animations to help you get the most out of your classroom technology.

"Boardworks resources are visual, easy to use and effective. Students value the reinforcement of ideas, the interactivity and the extra dimension to their learning experience!"
Tony White, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

"With KS3 in particular, I tend to use Boardworks more than I use traditional-style text books. You could say that Boardworks is influencing what I teach!"
Andy Llewellyn, South Island School, Hong Kong

"Boardworks is my go-to resource when planning engaging, fun and interactive lessons for my students. I like the new and updated quizzes, activities and games, and the fact that it is Powerpoint-based lets me adapt the resources as much as I want to, to fit to my style of teaching and the pace of learning that is best for my students."
Stewart Brown, Kellett School, Hong Kong

"The step-by-step animations allow the students to work at their own pace, and the quizzes are the best bit! I like the fact that the resources can be put onto an interactive whiteboard so everyone can take part together."
Barbara Justham, Head of Science, Harrow International School, Beijing

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Boardworks also offer international resources for French, German, Spanish, English, ICT, business studies, D&T, history, geography and RS.


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