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Engaging resources for the 2014 KS3 curriculum

Boardworks KS3 Science has been fully updated for the new 2014 KS3 Programme of Study. Containing everything you need to teach the new Programme of Study, Boardworks KS3 Science includes a set of 10 presentations focused on the new ‘Working Scientifically’ element of the new curriculum.

KS3 Chemistry: WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY Reactivity and the Reactions of Metals
To help you teach all aspects of ‘Working Scientifically’, Boardworks KS3 Science includes new presentations on topics such as making predictions, the scientific method and data handling.
KS3 Biology: diffusion
Highly visual interactive activities explain essential information in a fun and memorable way.
KS3 Physics: Space
Step-by-step animations explain complex processes in an appealing and informative way

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