Subject Areas

KS3+KS4 Citizenship

  • KS3 Citizenship
    • Citizenship – what's it all about?
    • Crime
    • Human rights
    • Britain – a diverse society?
    • How the law protects animals
    • Government, voting and elections
    • Local democracy
    • Leisure and sport in the local community
    • The significance of the media in society
    • Debating a global issue
    • Why is it so difficult to keep the peace?
    • The struggle for the vote
    • How do we deal with conflict?
    • Developing skills of democratic participation
    • What's in the public interest?
    • People and the environment
  • KS4 Citizenship
    • Human rights
    • Young people and crime
    • Challenging racism and discrimination
    • How and why are laws made?
    • How the economy functions
    • Business and enterprise
    • Planning a community event
    • Producing the news
    • Consumer rights and responsibilities
    • Rights and responsibilities in the world of work
    • Europe – who decides?
    • Global issues, local action
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