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Boardworks KS4 Drama review case study
Boardworks KS4 Drama review
Teaching Drama

In their Summer 2 edition for 2010, Teaching Drama reviewed Boardworks KS4 Drama, describing it as: “A flashy, contemporary multimedia product […] a great starting point for established teachers to pep up their lessons and get ICT across the curriculum.”

Woodside High School, London case study
Woodside High School, London
Jacob Thomas, Head of Drama

Jacob Thomas is Head of Drama at Woodside High School in Wood Green. His department of three have used Boardworks in their classes since February 2010.

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Falinge Park School, Rochdale case study
Falinge Park School, Rochdale
Simon De Courcey, Head of Expressive and Performing Arts

Simon De Courcey is the Head of Drama at Falinge Park High School and Performing Arts College. His department regularly use Boardworks Drama on their interactive whiteboards throughout their KS3 teaching.

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Wallingford School, Oxfordshire case study
Wallingford School, Oxfordshire
Patrick Salvadori, Drama Teacher

Patrick Salvadori is a Drama Teacher at Wallingford School in Oxfordshire. The Expressive Arts department regularly use Boardworks Drama on their interactive whiteboards for whole-class teaching throughout their KS3 lessons.

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Erith School, Bexley case study
Erith School, Bexley
Gavin Kensit, Drama Teacher

“The great thing about Boardworks is that it forces you to make use of the interactive whiteboard. I certainly was very, very happy when it came through.”

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