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Exciting materials for teaching Drama

Explore KS3+KS4 Drama with comprehensive and varied teaching material. This dynamic animation about Homer's Odyssey is an inspirational, ready-made resource, ideal for introducing students to the idea of how journeys can be conveyed through drama. With hundreds of slides in total, Boardworks gives you everything you need for your lessons, whatever your teaching style.

KS3 Drama: A Journey
KS3 Drama: A Journey
  • KS3 Drama fulfils both the requirements of the KS3 National Strategy Drama objectives bank and the suggestions of the Arts Council's 'Drama in Schools' publication.
  • At KS4, four units provide extensive coverage of the GCSE specifications and are mapped to the BTEC First Performing Arts qualification.

Well-organised resources for whatever you're teaching

All units are coherently structured and enhanced by a wealth of material to help you get the most out of your lessons. Typical slides, like this one on Victorian freak shows from the Monsters theme, combine the main points for teaching, clearly conveyed, with relevant illustrative material, inspiring audio and thought-provoking questions that promote self-evaluation.

KS4 Drama: Monsters
KS4 Drama: Monsters
  • Clearly defined learning objectives at the beginning of every presentation enable you to convey the aims of each lesson in a straightforward way.
  • Useful illustrations, relevant photographs and exciting audio clips support and enhance key themes and concepts.

Time saving and ready-to-teach

Boardworks lessons come fully prepared with a wide range of teaching materials, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. Ready-to-use resources contain everything you need to teach key topics: this video demonstration of the importance of movement in neutral mask work helps bring different techniques to life.

KS3 Drama: Masks
KS3 Drama: Masks
  • Wide-ranging content ignites students' interest and imaginations, creating varied, engaging and inspirational lessons.
  • Innovative interactives and attention-grabbing video clips contain ready-made demonstrations that help you teach important dramatic skills and techniques.

Inspiringly interactive

Embrace the technological potential of your whiteboard by engaging your class in inspiringly interactive lessons. This animation from KS4 Drama, for example, is great for encouraging students to consider other members of the production team before designing a set, and why it is important to communicate with these people.

KS4 Drama: Set Design
KS4 Drama: Set Design
  • Encourage whole-class participation with practical open-ended activities.
  • Explore essential methods, themes and techniques with stimulating activities and informative animations.
  • Approximately one slide in four is enriched with interactive content.

A wealth of exciting ideas

Explore drama in more depth and build your students' core skill base with a variety of appealing interactives. This engaging bag-packing task is a great way to motivate your students to consider the practicalities of taking a journey and to introduce props to their improvisations.

KS3 Drama: A Journey
KS3 Drama: A Journey
  • Nurture your students' dramatic imaginations with stimulating games and dynamic demonstrations.
  • Focus your class on important issues with thought-provoking tasks that encourage thorough exploration of key concepts and themes.

Easy-to-use, flexible resources

Boardworks Drama is straightforward to use and can be completely tailored to the needs of your students. This thought-provoking interactive slide about creating a future can be used flexibly as required: to get students thinking at the beginning of a lesson, to prompt a class discussion, or to evaluate a piece of work.

KS4 Drama: Identity
KS4 Drama: Identity
  • All presentations are created in PowerPoint for ease of use, versatility and editability.
  • Presentations can be added to and enhanced with your own ideas and resources.
  • Exercises and activities can be used flexibly to support your own teaching methods and perfectly fit the abilities of your students.

Additional teaching support

Boardworks presentations are accompanied by numerous additional resources, which can enhance your lessons in a multitude of ways. Instructional video demonstrations, like this one about hot-seating, inspire the whole class and are an ideal support for teaching important skills and techniques.

KS3 Drama: Blood Brothers
KS3 Drama: Blood Brothers
  • The interactive menu system makes it simple to find and select the material you want to teach.
  • A detailed contents document serves as a handy reference guide for lesson planning.
  • Worksheets feature role-play cards for practical activities and printed scripts which represent useful reference aids for students.

Engaging summary material

Round up lessons with engaging evaluative material. Evaluation slides at the end of every presentation summarise the skills covered and represent a handy reference resource for students in their written work. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to comprehensively cover a topic from start to finish.

KS3 Drama: Fair Trade
KS3 Drama: Fair Trade
  • Varied plenary tasks help students successfully focus their learning by bringing together the main concepts and techniques studied in each unit.
  • The Evaluating Work presentation is a great point of reference, offering students essential advice on how they can effectively appraise their work.
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