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Classifying textiles: free presentation from Boardworks

This free presentation will introduce your students to different types of natural textiles, their origins and production.

Covering cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk and rubber, this presentation will help you walk your class through the qualities and uses of each fabric.

Students can also get involved with engaging interactive activities, including two matching activities to recap where materials come from, and what they can be used for. 


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Free D&T interactive on classifying textiles from Boardworks!

Do your KS3 students know their weft from their warp? Find out with our free interactive game!

In the style of Connect 4, this game will test your students’ knowledge of natural and synthetic woven fabrics.

Tap into your class’s competitive side with two teams racing to create a full row by answering enough questions correctly.

This is a fun plenary activity to round off any lesson on fabrics!


Free KS3 D&T presentation on additives!

Make sure your KS3 students know their probiotics from their preservatives with our free presentation!

Explain to your class exactly what probiotics, modified starches, preservatives and antioxidants do with clear examples. Discussion points encourage your students to consider the positives and negatives of food additives.

Two interactive activities ensure your students are familiar with various types of starches, and that they can apply their knowledge on the qualities of different additives.


Free KS3 presentation on food testing!

Introduce your KS3 students to the methods of evaluating food products with our free presentation!

This resource covers sensory tests, paired comparison, and ranking tests as means of gauging testers’ opinions about food products. Engaging discussion questions ensure that your class considers the usefulness and validity of the various tests.

An interactive activity rounds off the presentation, encouraging students to enter the names of products they are reviewing into a table, and then arrange them in order of preference


Free Textiles activity on reusing and repairing clothes!

Bring out your KS3 students’ creative sides with our free interactive activity on making the best of a garment!

Four items of clothing in need of love and attention will inspire discussion amongst your students.

Should a plain t-shirt be embroidered or given to a charity shop? Do a pair of woolly socks need to be darned or dyed? See if your students have any ideas of their own!

This is an imaginative whole-class activity to encourage your students to view old clothes in a new light

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