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Extensive coverage of the curriculum for KS3 and KS4 D&T

Bring Design & Technology to life with comprehensive and varied teaching material, like this animation showing a system of mixed mechanisms in action. With over 2,000 slides covering Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Systems and Control, Textiles Technology, Graphic Products and Product Design, Boardworks D&T has it covered, whatever your focus area.

KS4 Resistant Materials: Systems and Control
KS4 Resistant Materials: Systems and Control
  • The KS3 product uses visual representations to simplify different processes and help students with the practical side of the course.
  • KS4 D&T is closely mapped to the GCSE specifications across 76 varied presentations.
  • The wealth of material contained in each presentation enables you to explore and teach D&T in detail.

Well-organised resources for whatever you’re teaching

Boardworks presentations are coherently structured and enhanced by a wealth of material to stimulate and inspire your students. Typical slides, like this one on developing ‘blue sky’ product ideas with exotic ingredients, combine the main points for teaching with relevant images or diagrams.

KS4 Food Technology: Designing and Developing Ideas
KS4 Food Technology: Designing and Developing Ideas
  • Key teaching points are delivered in a clear and concise way, often backed up by illustrations or photographs.
  • Detailed, printable contents documents serve as handy reference guides and help you to organise your lessons with ease.

Time saving and ready-to-teach

Boardworks lessons are ready-to-teach and contain a wide variety of resources, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. Interactive demonstrations, like this one showing vacuum forming, enable complex industrial processes to be experienced in the classroom.

KS3 Resistant Materials: Plastics and their Properties
KS3 Resistant Materials: Plastics and their Properties
  • Photographs and diagrams create variety and interest in lessons.
  • Clear animations help to explain modern procedures such as injection moulding, blow moulding and compression moulding.

Inspiringly interactive

Embrace the interactive potential of your whiteboard and explore D&T in a unique, engaging and stimulating way, using activities like this sliding scale opinion plenary. In this exercise, students are encouraged to debate the statements on GM foods and reach a decision as a class.

KS3 Food Technology: Modern Food Materials
KS3 Food Technology: Modern Food Materials
  • Inspire your students with detailed animations and activities.
  • Encourage class discussion and debate using voting charts, true-or-false activities and drag-and-drop exercises.
  • Over 550 interactive slides are embedded throughout the lessons.

A wealth of exciting ideas

Encourage class participation and understanding of key concepts with visually appealing and exciting tasks. This interactive activity puts students in control of a virtual ergonome, enabling them to test designs and helping them to fully understand ergonomics.

KS4 Resistant Materials: Social and Cultural Issues
KS4 Resistant Materials: Social and Cultural Issues
  • Important ideas are presented in ways which are easy to understand and simple to recall.
  • Complex concepts are reinforced through fun quizzes and games, which encourage and motivate students.

Easy-to-use, flexible resources

With Boardworks D&T you can easily tailor the resources to the needs of your students. This interactive activity can be edited to show how well balanced the students’ last meal was or how balanced a particular recipe is, and can be used by individuals or the whole class.

KS3 Food Technology: Classifying Food
KS3 Food Technology: Classifying Food
  • All presentations are created in PowerPoint for ease of use, versatility and editability.
  • Accompanying printable recipes are included in the KS3 Food Technology module.
  • Exercises and activities can be used flexibly to support your own teaching methods and meet the different abilities and learning needs of your students.

Additional teaching support

Information-packed additional resources accompany many of the KS3 presentations to complement and enhance your lessons in a multitude of ways. For example, editable worksheets like the one below underpin learning and allow students to work independently on a subject.

KS3 Textiles Technology: Designing Your Product
KS3 Textiles Technology: Designing Your Product
  • Detailed teacher’s notes accompany many of the slides and contain useful tips to deliver inspiring lessons.
  • Every presentation has a summary worksheet to help students revise their knowledge of each topic.

Engaging summary material

Support your lessons with interesting and varied plenaries, such as this anagram quiz on electronics. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to comprehensively cover a topic from start to finish.

KS3 Systems and Control: Electronics
KS3 Systems and Control: Electronics
  • End of topic plenaries, multiple choice exercises and evaluative games test students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  • Summary activities, key terms and key points slides in each presentation reiterate key terminology and processes learned.
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