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Published Spring 2009
How has KS3 Design & Technology changed?

Matching the curriculum

Boardworks Design & Technology has been fully revised to match the new QCA Programme of Study for KS3, with brand-new content for Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Resistant Materials and Systems and Control.

Food Technology presentations include fresh approaches to healthy living.
Brand-new cross-curricular mini projects, covering the Environment, Japan, and the 1960s, combine textiles, food technology and product design.
Includes a mapping grid linking the product to the key concepts in the new Programme of Study.

Brand-new teaching material

KS3 Design & Technology now contains 18 brand-new presentations with hundreds of slides added throughout the product. The new material focuses on up-to-date topics including the environment, sustainability and healthy eating.

Dozens of new interactive activities and case studies have been added to existing presentations.
Lessons focus on current issues in design & technology, with brand-new photography and artwork throughout.
Ten new videos have been included in the product, helping students visualise processes in action.

New supporting resources

Boardworks KS3 Design &Technology now contains additional material to aid your teaching, including worksheets and healthy recipes. Every presentation starts with a learning objectives slide and finishes with a key terms slide.

Every presentation is now supported by printable worksheets.
New detailed learning objective slides help you to plan your lessons and let the students know what’s being covered.
Key terms and key points slides are now included at the end of every presentation to summarise important vocabulary.

Inspiring your students

The completely updated KS3 Design & Technology includes practical assignments, whole-class activities and real-life case studies, guaranteed to hold your students’ attention and get the whole class involved.

A new recipe bank is packed with printable recipes to make healthy cooking easier.
New interactive voting activities engage the whole class and inspire debate.
Current industry examples have been included wherever possible to set learning in context for the students.
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