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Free KS3 history interactive on William the Conqueror’s capture of London!

Get your students thinking strategically with our free interactive activity on William the Conqueror’s route to London!

This engaging interactive brings William and his army’s journey from Hastings to London to life. Your students are asked to imagine that they are William’s chief adviser and must carefully plot each stage of the march on the interactive map. Make sure they watch out for fearsome bandits and dangerous terrain along the way…

Try out this fun and challenging activity today in your KS3 history class!















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Free interactive activity on the 'Lusitania'

Ensure that your KS4 students know all about the significance of the sinking of the Lusitania with our free interactive.

This activity runs through the key events leading up to the sinking of the passenger ship in 1915, and how this helped to precipitate American involvement in the First World War.

An engaging audio activity involves listening to the conflicting American and German points of view, bringing the clash to life. Thought-provoking discussion questions round up the activity to encourage your class to consider the consequences of the event together.















Free KS3 History presentation on castle defences!

Show your students the key defensive features of a castle with this free presentation from Boardworks!

From portcullises to barbicans, battlements to murder holes, let our presentation clarify for your class the ways in which castles are built for defence.

Two activities bring the theory to life, with an interactive plan of a castle to be explored, and a matching-up exercise to reinforce the roles of each defensive feature.

Why not use this presentation to spark off a whole-class discussion on strategic castle design?


Free History presentation on Hitler and the League of Nations!

Download our free presentation!

Make sure your students know how Hitler defied the League of Nations with our free presentation!

Challenge your students to identify the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, cementing their existing knowledge.

The presentation then covers Hitler’s foreign policy, the Saar plebiscite, re-armament, and the return of conscription.

An engaging summary exercise checks that your students are confident with the ways Hitler succeeded in growing Germany’s power. 


Free interactive activity on medieval church frescoes!

Help your students to understand life as a God-fearing medieval peasant with our free activity!

This point-and-click activity asks students to identify various scenes in a medieval church fresco. Including angels and devils, sinners impaled on forks, and human-eating dogs, this activity is ideal for grabbing your students’ attention. It also sparks further discussion about the effect this religious imagery would have had on a peasant at the time.

Why not use this free activity to introduce medieval ideas about heaven and hell to your class?
















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