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KS3 History Upgrade

Published: 2006
How has KS3 History changed?

Brand-new teaching material

Boardworks KS3 History has been fully revised with updated content added throughout. With 115 new slides and 69 new interactive activities, the upgraded KS3 Histroy will engage and inspire your students.

Dozens of exciting and varied interactive activities have been added to enhance both new and existing presentations in the product
There are now many more contemporary sources, which are brought to life with embedded audio clips.
Photographs and artwork have been updated and improved to provide clear and relevant accompaniment to key texts.

New supporting resources

Boardworks KS3 History now contains additional material to aid your teaching, including editable worksheets and printable reference sheets.

Over 50 editable worksheets have been added, providing varied material for homework or revision tasks as well as inspiration for extention activities.
KS3 History now includes audio to really bring lessons to life and to cater to a wider range of learning styles and capabilities.
New printable reference sheets have been added throughout, including historical timelines and family trees, to provide useful points of referral in one handy location.

Inspiring your students

The updated KS3 History product includes new interactive activities guaranteed to hold your students' attention and get the whole class involved.

Contemporary images have been added to help you deliver inspiring lessons.
New animated battles will engage and excite your students.
The PowerPoint format means you have the flexibility to edit slide content, to rearrange or delete slides or to insert your own.
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