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KS4 History Upgrade

Published: Autumn 2011
How has KS4 History changed?

Brand-new teaching material

Boardworks KS4 History now includes a new unit on USA 1919–1941, and updated Nazi Germany and 20th Century International Relations units. It provides coverage of OCR, AQA and Edexcel specifications for Germany 1919–1945, USA 1919–1941, and 20th century international relations from the origins of World War I to the end of the Cold War.

Useful source material and photographs create opportunities to use historical interpretation skills.
Most lessons end with an example exam question, which students can complete as a class-based task or as homework.
Some exam questions are followed by a click-and-reveal Flash activity to give advice on how to achieve the highest marks for the question.

Additional teaching materials

144 bite-sized presentations comprising over 1,200 slides provide a wealth of ready-made teaching material. 40 editable worksheets accompany the new product and an extensive glossary acompanies the US unit.

Direct historical quotes, documents, photographs and political cartoons allow for primary source analysis.
A wealth of new interactive activities and animations make historical points easier to contextualise.
Use of historians throughout summarise key issues and debates, provoking thought and student input.
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