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Published: November 2008
How has KS3 Music changed?

Matching the curriculum

Boardworks Music has been extensively rewritten and fully updated to match the revised Programme of Study for KS3, with brand-new content covering copyright and royalties, and useful weblinks added to provide students with more examples of music in context.

The updated product contains 15 units providing extensive coverage of the new Programme of Study for KS3 Music.
Over one in three slides now contains embedded audio, and a new sound player with improved functionality features throughout.
A detailed mapping grid is included, showing how the resources match to the revised Programme of Study.

Brand-new teaching material

KS3 Music now contains additional material to aid your teaching, including revised and brand-new worksheets to cover the new skills that have been introduced, and dozens of exciting interactive activities.

All worksheets have been revised and redesigned, and the product now includes a further 12 brand-new worksheets.
New icons have been added to flag up activities which test the core musical skills of listening and appraising, composing and performing help you to plan your lessons.
A new interactive menu system improves navigation and allows easy access to contents guides, the mapping grid and the sound library.

Inspiring your students

The completely updated KS3 Music has a fresh design and is packed with dozens of new interactive quizzes, games, whole-class activities, and brand-new audio clips guaranteed to hold your students’ attention and get the whole class involved.

More audio clips and images of musical instruments have been introduced throughout. There is also a convenient sound library of audio files, which is organised by unit.
Slides provide historical, geographical, cultural and social context to help students understand and engage with musical traditions from different cultures.
New artwork and a fresh design will engage the whole class.
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