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Fernhill School & Language College case study
Fernhill School & Language College
Danielle Griffiths, PE Teacher

Danielle Griffiths is the Assistant Head of Yr 10 and teacher of PE at Fernhill School & Language College. Her department use Boardworks KS4 resources extensively in their teaching on interactive whiteboards.

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Robert Smyth School, Leceistershire case study
Robert Smyth School, Leceistershire
Clive Bickley, Head of PE

"One of the reasons I purchased Boardworks KS4 PE was because it fell into line more or less with everything Edexcel have on their new specification as of this year. The curriculum coverage is extremely good and it's been very well received by the students; it's colourful, presented very well and easy to approach.”

Robert Blake Science College case study
Robert Blake Science College
Nathan Murdoch, Head of PE

“I was told about Boardworks when I joined the school, and when I looked at it I instantly thought 'yes, this is exactly what I’m doing next lesson', so its been very relevant to what the pupils needed to learn. I’ve been very impressed with it."

Twitter case study

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