We know that you don’t want to worry about having the right licence for our software, you just want to use it to help your children to learn! Our licence structure is designed to be straightforward and simple.

All of our resources can be purchased with a whole-school site licence. This means:

• There is a one-off cost and nothing more to pay
• Every computer in the physical environment of your school can have the resource installed on it
• There is no limit to how many copies can be used at any one time.

Where is the licence?

The licence is found on the CD-ROM or in the folder on your computer where you installed the software. It is often called the EULA (end user licence agreement). If you have purchased a one- or three-user licence, the licence is formed by this agreement in conjunction with your invoice.

To see what areas of the curriculum we create resources for, take a look at What we cover. Or if you are ready to find out about the specifics, take a look at the Subject Areas we cover to start exploring our resources in detail.