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Free interactive activity on translations!

Give your KS3 students practice in working with translations with our free interactive game!

This fun and dynamic game of golf is perfect for consolidating your class’s knowledge of how translations work. The interactive requires your students to translate the golf ball the amount they think will send it straight into the hole! Press refresh for a new hole and a different challenge…

Introduce some competitive spirit by making it a whole-class activity to test each student’s translation skills!


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Below is an archive of our most popular free maths resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free presentation on the interior angle sums of polygons!

Demonstrate how to calculate the sum of the interior angles of a polygon with our free presentation!

Watch three clear, visual animations which demonstrate how and why we can work out the sum of the interior angles of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons. Students are then shown how to find the size of each interior angle within a regular polygon.

An interactive activity requires your students to apply their knowledge and find the interior angles of various polygons using the proven formula.


Free KS3 maths interactive on algebraic expressions!

Give your students unlimited practice at adding algebraic expressions with our free interactive!

This activity encourages your students to apply their algebra knowledge and fill in each level of the addition pyramid. Each two consecutive boxes in a row add up to the box immediately above.

You can choose to hide or reveal the blocks and press refresh at any time to generate a brand-new pyramid


Free KS4 presentation on vectors!

Introduce your KS4 students to the basics of vectors with our free maths presentation!

Explain to your students exactly what vectors are and what is meant by magnitude and direction with this detailed presentation. It also gives a clear demonstration of the notation used for representing vectors in written form.

Two interactive activities encourage students to apply their knowledge in representing vectors and negative vectors.


Free KS4 maths presentation on working with vectors!

Make sure that your KS4 maths students are confident working with vectors with our free presentation!

This engaging presentation can help you cement your students’ abilities in vector arithmetic, equations, finding the magnitude, and using vectors to solve problems.

Your class can have a go at solving each interactive problem without help, before clicking through for a step-by-step breakdown of the solution. Then challenge your students to apply their knowledge by expressing different vectors within a grid of congruent parallelograms!

Why not use this vectors presentation as the ideal revision recap for your GCSE class?

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