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Case Studies
Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, Cheshire case study
Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, Cheshire
Ben Barry, Head of Maths

Ben Barry is Head of Maths at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy. His department bought Boardworks KS3+KS4 Maths in 2010. The whole team of seven teachers uses the resources each week on their interactive whiteboards.

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Connah's Quay High School, Deeside case study
Connah's Quay High School, Deeside
Gemma Harris, Maths Teacher

Gemma Harris teaches Maths at Connah’s Quay High School.  All the teachers in her department incorporate Boardworks KS3+KS4 Maths resources into their teaching on a regular basis.

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Evesham High School, Worcestershire case study
Evesham High School, Worcestershire
Matthew Fox, Head of Maths

"When I'm about to teach something, I'll look at Boardworks as it saves a lot of time and also gives me some nice ideas. I like the images and photos since I don't need to search around to make the lesson more interesting."

Small Heath School, Birmingham case study
Small Heath School, Birmingham
Anil Mistry, Head of Maths

"The Maths products help cater for the visual learners because their presentation of certain topics – especially the shape topics – is just great. It's a very good resource."

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