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Free presentation on French adverbs of place!

Secure your KS3 students’ understanding of French adverbs of place with our free presentation!

An engaging native-speaker recording of a text featuring adverbs of place aids your students in their comprehension and puts this important grammar point into context. Plenty of examples mean this presentation is also an excellent vocabulary-builder.

An interactive exercise consolidates the topic by asking students to pick the correct translation of a sentence each using a different adverb of place


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Free KS4 Spanish presentation on shop vocabulary!

Help your KS4 students commit important shop vocabulary to memory with our free presentation!

An engaging picture quiz reinforces key words and tests your students’ recall.

Then challenge your class to unscramble the letters and reveal the names of products sold in the different shops!

An interactive reading comprehension quiz ensures that your students are confident in understanding a passage written in Spanish, and checks their vocabulary recognition.


Free MFL interactive activity on vegetable vocabulary!

Check your students have a secure knowledge of vegetable vocabulary with our free interactive!

Put your students’ memories to the test with this engaging game of anagrams. Perfect for introducing some healthy competition to your classroom, this activity challenges your students to race against the clock to spell out the French word for a particular vegetable.

Why not use this interactive activity as a fun summary activity to cement your students’ recall and recognition of key vocabulary?















Free German reading activity on 'Little Red Riding Hood'!

Give your KS4 German students reading comprehension practice with our free presentation!

This gap-fill summary of Little Red Riding Hood tests your students’ understanding of a passage in German, building their wider vocabulary. Engaging, native-speaker audio fine-tunes aural recognition and pronunciation.

Why not use this cloze test to start preparing both Foundation and Higher tier students for the literary extract questions now featuring in the GCSE exams?















Free Spanish reading activity on Santiago de Compostela!

Give your KS3 Spanish students invaluable reading practice with our free interactive activity!

This activity reinforces key vocabulary connected with cities and locations. It simultaneously checks your students’ ability to understand and extract information from a passage written in Spanish.

Ask your students to decide which statements about Santiago de Compostela are true and which are false in this perfect whole-class activity.

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