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Free presentation on blues and jazz music!

Download our free presentation!

Introduce your class to the main features of blues and jazz music and the origins of the movements with this free presentation.

This presentation contains a detailed animation illustrating the history and development of the blues and introduces the musical theory behind it. Slides also cover the 12-bar blues, the jazz standard and explore the development of the AABA structure.


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Below is an archive of our most popular free Music resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free presentation on the origins of musicals!

Teach your KS4 students about the origins of musical theatre with our free presentation!

This engaging resource explains to your students how the popularity of musical entertainment grew during the industrial revolution.

An interactive activity encourages your students to listen to a recording of Vesta Victoria singing ‘Waiting at the Church’. Multiple-choice questions check your class is confident at identifying the time signature of the piece and the number of bars.

The presentation also covers operetta and patter songs, using examples from Gilbert and Sullivan. Why not use the resource today as the perfect introduction to studying musicals in your KS4 class?


Free KS3 music interactive on variations of a melody!

Show your KS3 students how they can create variations on a melody with our free interactive!

This interactive presents the inversion, retrograde, and retrograde inversion of a tune.

Animated sheet music and audio help students to follow along and see how the tune has been transformed.

Why not encourage your class to create variations of their own short melody and discover how they sound when played?


Free KS3 Music presentation on Indian music!

Introduce the features of Indian music to your KS3 students with our free presentation!

The presentation starts by outlining the main characteristics of Indian music. It includes audio clips of the sitar, tambura, and the tabla to give students an idea of how these traditional instruments sound.

It then goes on to define a raga, encouraging students to play one provided, and then to compose their own with the knowledge they have gained of Indian music.



Free audio activity about 'Pop Goes the Weasel'!

Introduce your students to the social commentary which can lie behind song lyrics with our free activity!

This engaging and informative audio activity asks students to consider the curious lyrics of the popular tune Pop Goes the Weasel.

Clicking on the contemporaneous references and slang highlighted in purple in the lyrics will bring up a definition, encouraging students to piece together the story being told.

The interactive then offers a summary explanation, situating the story in the context of working-class life in eighteenth-century London.

Let our free activity show your class what song lyrics can teach us about social history!

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