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Free PE presentation on types of guidance in sport coaching!

Types of guidance in sport coaching presentation

Take your KS4 students through the various types of guidance given to sports people with our free presentation!

Visual, verbal, manual and mechanical guidance are all covered in detail, with clear examples and advice on when each type of guidance is most effective.

Pertinent discussion questions encourage your students to consider which form of guidance would be most useful for beginners versus elite athletes, and what issues might arise from overusing certain types of guidance. The example of swimming is taken as a case study to demonstrate the ways in which all four forms of guidance can be used by a coach to improve performance.


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Below is an archive of our most popular free PE resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free KS4 PE presentation on levers!

Make sure your GCSE PE students understand lever systems with our free presentation!

Explain to your students exactly what levers are, how to draw lever systems, and what the differences are between first, second and third class levers.

Plenty of exercise and non-exercise related examples of each lever type strengthen and contextualise your students’ understanding.

Why not use this engaging presentation today to introduce or revise the topic of levers in your GCSE class?


Free KS4 PE presentation on joints!

Make sure your PE students know all about the joints of the human body with our free presentation!

This presentation runs through all synovial joint types with clear definitions, explanations, and examples, including condyloid, pivotal, and ball-and-socket joints.

An engaging interactive then challenges your students to remember the specifics of each joint type in an excellent whole-class activity. A gap-fill exercise summarises the material covered, and will highlight any gaps in your students’ knowledge.


Free PE presentation on the respiratory system!

Make sure that your KS4 students know all about the workings of the respiratory system with our free presentation!

An engaging animation illustrates the process of gas exchange through the alveoli. The gas composition of inhaled and exhaled air is compared via an informative table.

An interactive labelling exercise then tests your students to check that they can tell their alveoli from their bronchi!


Risk assessment and first aid: free presentation

Download the presentation!

Download your free presentation on risk assessment and first aid!

Using a variety of engaging interactive activities and discussion questions, the presentation covers:

• The importance of risk assessment
safety precautions which prevent injuries
• the importance of choosing the correct clothing, footwear and equipment for different sports.


Free quiz on blood cells!

Test your students’ knowledge of blood cells in the human body using our free quiz.

Do your students know their vena cava from their aorta? Can they tell you the definition of cardiac output?

This challenging quiz provides the definitions for nine key terms, and asks students to match the definition to the correct term – but they’ll have to catch the answer first!

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