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Free PSHEE presentation on self-esteem!

Encourage your KS3 students to consider what affects self-esteem with our free presentation!

Thought-provoking interactive activities ask students to consider how the things people say can make us feel, and how the thoughts we think ourselves can have an impact on our self-esteem.

Students are then encouraged to think about how we can improve our self-esteem and that of others by trying to be supportive and optimistic.

This resource could spark off a sensitive discussion in your classroom about how we define self-esteem, and which factors influence it.



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Below is an archive of our most popular free PSHEE resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free PSHEE presentation on relationships

Download the free presentation!

This week we’re sending you a free presentation about friendships!

The presentation asks students to identify qualities that make someone a good friend, and to think about factors that can cause friendships to breakdown.

It then uses a case study, supported by key follow-up questions, to help students discuss how jealousy can impact on a friendship and how issues can be resolved.


Free presentation about business!

Download the free presentation on business!

Cover the basics of business with your students using our free presentation!

The presentation looks at the definitions of business and profit, before covering three different business structures: sole trader, e-commerce and multinational.

It then examines how to make a profit, looking at costs and revenue, and finishes with a vibrant interactive activity asking students to identify the thirteen different costs in a picture of a trainer factory! As an additional activity, why not challenge your students to come up with a simple business plan in groups?



Free KS3 animation on budgeting!

Now is a great time to get your students thinking about planning a budget for their Christmas shopping. Encourage them to plan ahead with our free animation!

This animation looks at a brother and sister who are planning how to spend their pocket money, and explains how they create a budget each week based on events they have coming up, things they need to buy and things that they want to buy.

Why not ask your students if there are any other factors they need to think about when planning a budget?


Free presentation on learning styles!

Encourage your students to think about what type of learner they might be with our free presentation!

This presentation explains the difference between visual, aural and kinaesthetic learners and asks students to consider which way they learn best.

It includes an interactive activity asking students to identify attributes of different learning styles.

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