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Free KS3 religious studies animation on praying in the mosque!

Make sure your KS3 students understand when and why Muslims pray in the mosque with our free animation!

This engaging interactive features a young Muslim student discussing when he and his family attend the mosque for prayer. He explains why Friday prayers are particularly important, and describes what happens during a visit to the mosque.

Students are then encouraged to compare and contrast what they have learnt about the mosque with other places of worship they know.















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Free Religious Studies word search on the life of Mother Teresa!

Make sure your students know all about Mother Teresa with our free interactive word search!

Ideal as a fun whole-class activity, this word search will test your class on their knowledge of the life of Mother Teresa, who was officially canonised by the Catholic Church this September.

Challenge your students by seeing if they can come up with the answer and find it just from reading the clue, or press ‘show’ if they get stuck.

This word search is the perfect way to reinforce your students’ grasp of the fascinating and eventful life of Mother Teresa.


Free RS presentation on good and evil!

Download our free presentation!

Get your students contemplating the origins of good and evil with our free presentation!

This presentation tells the story of Adam and Eve in an illustrated interactive, before explaining the concept of original sin. Your students are encouraged to consider the meaning and symbolism lying behind the Fall, and how it has been interpreted by Christians.

The final slide details different theologies which Christians have adopted to reconcile the problem of evil with the existence of an all-loving God, including those of St Augustine of Hippo and Irenaeus.


Hindu deities: Free interactive!

Try our free interactive on the Hindu deities!

This multiple-choice interactive quiz will test your students on their ability to identify the different Hindu gods. Students must study the images and choose the correct name from three possibilities. When they are correct, a full description of the god and their significance to the Hindu faith is revealed.



The Mosque: Free Boardworks presentation!

Download the free presentation!

Download our free presentation on the mosque!

The presentation looks at the key features of a typical mosque and the significance of those features, including washrooms, the minaret and the prayer hall.

Informative and packed with discussion questions, this presentation is an ideal introduction to the Islamic place of worship.

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