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Cover the new specifications with our trusted teaching resources

Boardworks Science resources have been updated to meet the new specifications for all major exam boards and include resources to cover the maths for science, required practicals and working scientifically requirements

Our presentations also provide interactive animations and virtual experiments which illustrate complex processes, guide your students through key practicals and even test them to apply their knowledge.


Biology: Cell Transport presentation

Cell Transport

This presentation will help you to introduce your class to the movement of molecules during diffusion and the process of osmosis.

Providing clear definitions, detailed explanations, and animated interactives, this presentation will help you make these processes clear to your students.

It also includes a detailed animation of a required practical on investigating osmosis to guide your students through planning an experiment and working scientifically.


Physics: Properties of Waves presentation

Download the free presentation

Our properties of waves presentation will support you in teaching your class about wavelength, frequency and speed.

The presentation will help you walk your class through the basics of waves and demonstrate the relationship between the wavelength and amplitude of transverse waves with an interactive animation.

It also includes a virtual experiment of a required practical on investigating waves using a ripple tank, and finishes with a series of questions to test your students understanding of calculations for wave speed.



Chemistry: Changing Reaction Rates presentation

Rates of reaction presentation

This presentation will help you demostrate to your students how different factors can affect reaction rates, including temperature, concentration, pressure and surface area.

It contains simulations and explanations of how these reactions occur, and provides virtual experiments on three required practicals which show the effect of various conditions on rate of reaction.

The results from these practicals are mapped onto graphs and tables with explanations to help your class get to grips with reading and interpreting results.


Physics: Decimals and Standard Form presentation

Decimals and Standard Form presentation

See how Boardworks Science helps you to cover the Maths for Science elements of the new specification.

This presentation walks your class through using the decimal number system and standard form, breaking down their key principles and uses.

You can use the multiple interactives included to test your students understanding of standard form and its use in a variety of scientific equations. 


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Below is an archive of our most popular free Science resources. To download this content all you need to do is click on the links below and you will be prompted to register some additional details with us.


Free virtual experiment on the pH scale!

Try our free virtual experiment to show your class how they can use universal indicator to determine pH.

 This interactive animation demonstrates how they can test various household items, from vinegar to toothpaste, and compares the colour each produces to the pH scale.

A summary chart then enables your class to compare the results, and determine what the most acidic and alkali substances were.

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