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Boardworks AS Chemistry review case study
Boardworks AS Chemistry review
Education in Chemistry (RSC)

"This creation for AS Chemistry is a delight to use... What an excellent resource!" Download the full review to read more or visit

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The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire case study
The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Eric Wolton (Assistant Head)

Eric Wolton is Assistant Head at The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe. His department have been using Boardworks AS and A2-level Biology since January 2011, finding that it ‘fits very well’ with the OCR syllabus they follow.

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Valley Christian School Online case study
Valley Christian School Online
Tony Lawn (Principal)

Setting up the Valley Christian School Online, Tony Lawn has been very happy to discover Boardworks resources, which he thinks are very cost-effective, creative and unique.

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Launceston College, Cornwall case study
Launceston College, Cornwall
Mark Adams (Head of Science)

Mark Adams is Head of Science at Launceston College in Cornwall. His department have been using Boardworks Science resources on their interactive whiteboards throughout their KS3, KS4 and KS5 teaching since 2002.

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North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe case study
North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe
Jonathan Richardson (Physics Programme Leader)

"Thanks to the excellent materials provided by Boardworks which I integrate into most of my GCSE and AS Physics lessons, and together with my own brand of teaching, I have achieved a grade 1 observation from our internal audit! All this after just 1.5 terms back in teaching."

Southmoor Community School, Sunderland case study
Southmoor Community School, Sunderland
Tom Bowman (Head of Science)

Tom Bowman is Head of Science at Southmoor Community School in Sunderland. He says: “I just think it’s fantastic, and I wish we’d got it years ago!”

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Edmonton County School, Enfield case study
Edmonton County School, Enfield
Stephen Kinson (Head of Science)

Stephen Kinson is Head of Science at Edmonton County School. The science department use Boardworks A-Level Science resources in their lessons on a regular basis.

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Northcote High School, Melbourne, Australia case study
Northcote High School, Melbourne, Australia
Melody Gabriel (Head of Science)

Melody Gabriel is Head of Science at Northcote High School, Melbourne Victoria, in Australia. She has been using using Boardworks International Science Age 11-14 and Science Age 14-16 Core, Additional and Separate resources reguarly in her lessons since January 2009.

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