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When opening a presentation you receive a warning from Microsoft PowerPoint that states “Some controls on this presentation cannot be activated. They might not be registered on this computer.”

If you are using a Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC:

Due to a bug within the Flash Player plugin, presentations containing Flash activities which have been saved on Windows 7 will encounter this error when opened on versions of Windows 8 and above. There are two solutions for this issue:

1 – Reinstall the resources from the original disk shipped to your school. The original, published versions of our presentations will work correctly on your PC.
2 – If the presentation has been edited, and you wish to retain these changes, then you can open the presentation with PowerPoint, go to File > Save As…, and re-save the document as a *.pptx file. The resulting file should work as expected on all supported versions of Windows.

If you are using a Windows 7 PC:

Please download and run the Adobe Flash Uninstaller from This will clear all remnants and possible conflicts with the Adobe Flash plugin installed on your system. Once you have run this tool and restarted the machine, please install the latest version of Adobe Flash for Internet Explorer, which you can download from here

If, after performing these steps, you receive the same error, open the presentation with PowerPoint go to File > Save As… and re-save the document as a *.pptx file. The resulting file should work as expected.

If you are using Office 2016 via Office 365:

You may need to perform an additional step as listed on Microsoft support, for the Flash component here.

Microsoft PowerPoint shows a warning about disabled content when you open a presentation or when you click the ‘start’ button on an interactive flash element the presentation moves to the next slide instead of showing the animation.

To enable the interactive Flash activities by default you will need to add the location of the Boardworks’ resources to the Trusted Locations list within Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this, open a presentation and go to PowerPoint Options -> Trust Centre -> Trust Centre Settings and add the folder containing the Boardworks presentations to the ‘Trusted Locations’. By default this is C:\Program Files\Boardworks (32-bit) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Boardworks (64-bit systems).

When adding the location make sure to check the option “add subfolders”. It is possible to add a network location to this list, if the files are stored on a shared network area.

On attempting to open a Flash activity in Slide Show mode, you get a warning message "This document contains embedded content that may be harmful to your computer."

Please see error #2 above.

You receive a message which states that you do not have a program installed that can open ppt files, even though you have PowerPoint installed.

This can occur when there is a problem with the installation of MS Office where the program does not correctly associate itself with .ppt files. Please perform a repair install of Office which should resolve the issue.

Nothing happens when you try to launch a presentation from the menu when running Windows 7.

This is caused by an incompatibility issue with some older versions of Boardworks software when installed on Windows 7. Please contact Boardworks to enquire about compatible versions of your product.

Interactive slides stop working after copying into a new PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 presentation.

The new Office Open XML file formats introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 (for PowerPoint these are .pptx and .pptm) do not support embedded Flash objects. For the Boardworks embedded Flash activities to work, the presentation must be saved in the 'PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation' (.ppt) format. This can be selected from the Save As menu.

When clicking on certain interactive slides on a Boardworks presentation you may get the message “Can’t exit design mode because control ‘ShockwaveFlash1’ cannot be created.”

This issue can usually be resolved by installing all the available updates for your version of Microsoft Office. If this does not solve the problem however, a fix can be implemented on a file by file basis as follows. Open an affected .ppt file and go to Tools, then Macro, and click on Visual Basic Editor (Office 2000, XP & 2003) or navigate to an interactive slide in editing view, right click on the animation and select View Code (Office 2007 and 2010). The Visual Basic editor will open. Click the Save button in the toolbar and close the Visual Basic editor. Now click Save in the PowerPoint toolbar and close the presentation.

On attempting to open a Boardworks product you receive a message saying there was an unrecoverable error and that library MSVCR80.dll (or similar) could not be found.

This is caused when an incompatible version of Boardworks software is installed on a system that has a Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 family product already installed. Please contact Boardworks and enquire about compatible versions for your product.

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Call us or email if you require assistance using Boardworks products.