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Boardworks offers complete curriculum coverage right across your primary school, with excellent, easy-to-use resources to teach every subject.

• Get the computers used with high-quality teaching resources.
• Simple-to-understand software means everyone can enjoy using the resources.
• Can be used by all your teachers, from the curriculum expert to the non-specialist.

What’s included in the KS2 Suite?
Year Box Maths
Year Box Literacy
Year Box Science
Year Box Geography
Year Box History
Year Box RE
Ensemble! (KS2 French) or ¡Encantada! (KS2 Spanish)

What does it cost?
The KS2 Suite costs £2,950. The individual prices of the products in the Whole-School Suite add up to £3,500, so purchasing as a suite saves over £500.

This price is a one-off purchase which buys a site-licence across your whole school.

And don’t forget that you can find out more about the evaluation process which lets you try any of our primary titles, with no obligation to purchase.

"The products really engage the children and are very user-friendly."
Rachel Hayden Flowers, Geoffrey Field School, Reading

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