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Choosing Boardworks for every department gives you one coherent, cross-school solution, which can transform teaching in your school. Investing in Boardworks is a great way of generating usage of and enthusiasm for your school's technology, and the consistent format of Boardworks resources makes it easy to promote best practice in every department and ensure consistent teaching and learning across the school. Investing in Boardworks across the departments in your school is an extremely cost-effective solution, representing a saving of nearly £3,000 compared to purchasing the products individually.

Boardworks offers resources that are ideal for teaching the international curriculum, including the Cambridge International Lower Secondary Programme, the Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate for Science, Maths, English, ICT, French, Spanish, German, Business Studies, History, Geography and D&T.

You can see how our products map to the specifications using the 'Useful Documents' tab on each subject area on the left-hand side of this page.

Click here to try out an interactive sample that comprises exciting activities from across our interrnational resources range, or click here to find out what teachers and heads in international schools have to say.


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