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Whole-School Suite

The Whole-School Suite brings together a comprehensive selection of Boardworks KS3+KS4 resources into one cost-effective solution. The Suite is available in both normal and VLE-compliant versions, ideal for use on your learning platform. Watch our video case study to see for yourself why schools choose Boardworks for every department.

The Whole-School Suite costs £15,950, representing a saving of more than £2,000 over buying the products individually. This price is a one-off purchase which buys a site-licence across your whole school. If you’d like to see what Boardworks can do to transform teaching in your school, why not contact us for an in-school appointment? Alternatively, if you’ve already got some of the Boardworks resources, or would like to create your own suite, then we can create you a personalised package. Call us on 01865 208 440.

If you’re already a Whole-School customer visit our pages to find out what we can offer you.

What’s included in the Whole-School Suite?

The Whole-School Suite contains the following resources:

"In terms of ability, Boardworks suits all. The students love it! "
Morag McCrorie, Deputy Head, Beaumont School
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