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Why PowerPoint and Flash?


Boardworks create most of our primary resources in Microsoft PowerPoint for a number of reasons:

• PowerPoint is familiar, so there’s no barrier to start using the resources.
• PowerPoint is easy-to-use, so you can get the most from the software with no special training required.
• PowerPoint is editable, giving you freedom to create your own resources and fit in with your school’s teaching plans.

Our products are simple to use; but they are so much more than “just PowerPoint presentations”!

We know teachers want to engage children and with inspiringly interactive resources. Our products are full of these brilliant activities, designed in Flash and embedded in the PowerPoint slides within the presentations:

• Every presentation is full of attention-grabbing interactivity
• Every interactive idea is presented in the context of a lesson
• Delivered in a really straightforward format so you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects, just the great teaching benefits.

This technology is used to create a limitless range of creative interactive material embedded into the fabric of the lesson presentations. To see what age ranges we publish content for at primary, then take a look at What We Cover. Or if you are ready to find out about the specifics, take a look at the Subject Areas we cover to start exploring our resources in detail.