Subject Areas

Year Box RE

  • Year 3 RE
    • Unit 3a: What do signs and symbols mean in religion?
    • Unit 3b: How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali?
    • Unit 3c: What do we know about Jesus?
    • Unit 3d: What is the Bible and why is it important for Christians?
    • Unit 3e: What is faith and what difference does it make?
  • Year 4 RE
    • Unit 4a: Hindu worship at home and in the mandir
    • Unit 4b: Christmas Journeys
    • Unit 4c: Why is Easter important for Christians?
    • Unit 4d: Religions in our neighbourhood
  • Year 5 RE
    • Unit 5a: Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?
    • Unit 5b: How do Muslims express their beliefs through practices?
    • Unit 5c: Where did the Christian Bible come from?
    • Unit 5d: How do the beliefs of Christians influence their actions?
  • Year 6 RE
    • Unit 6a: Worship and community
    • Unit 6b: What is the role of the mosque?
    • Unit 6c: Why are sacred texts important?
    • Unit 6d: The Qur’an
    • Unit 6e: Christian religious buildings
    • Unit 6f: Faith and the arts
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