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Total coverage of the curriculum for KS2 Science

Explore science with comprehensive and varied teaching material, like this virtual garden exploration activity. Year Box Science contains over 825 slides, enabling pupils to explore, discover and engage directly with science.

Year 4 Science: Habitats; Habitat sweet habitat!
Year 4 Science: Habitats; Habitat sweet habitat!
  • All of the 31 fully interactive presentations are matched to the QCA Scheme of Work for Science.
  • Presentations are designed to enable pupils to progressively and comprehensively build their scientific understanding through the years.
  • The wealth of material contained in each presentation enables you to teach science in detail.

Well-organised resources for whatever you’re teaching

All lessons are coherently and logically structured to facilitate quick access to the most appropriate and inspiring material. Colour-coding allows you to distinguish between the areas of scientific learning and enquiry at a glance, telling you this presentation covers materials and their properties.

Year 6 Science: More about dissolving; Solid search
Year 6 Science: More about dissolving; Solid search
  • Year Box Science comprehensively covers all areas scientific learning and enquiry as outlined by the National Curriculum.
  • Life processes has a green slide design, materials and their properties has a blue slide design and physical processes has an orange slide design.
  • Clearly structured content within each presentation makes it easy to find and select relevant material.

Easy-to-use and ready-to-teach

Boardworks lessons are fully prepared and contain a wide variety of resources, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. For example, this simulation compares different types of exercise and clearly explains how the muscles relate to movement, helping all your pupils to understand the topic.

Year 4 Science: Moving and growing; Muscles and moving
Year 4 Science: Moving and growing; Muscles and moving
  • Units are written and designed for pupils who are attaining at levels broadly appropriate for their age and are ready to use for whole-class learning.
  • All units have been authored to provide complete coverage of essential learning objectives and are presented in a coherent and logical fashion, ready to be worked through by the class.

Flexible, customisable resources

All the lessons are fully flexible and can be easily tailored to the needs of your pupils. Because they are in PowerPoint, the units are adaptable to any school’s teaching approach as all the National Curriculum Learning Objectives are incorporated yet the slides can be re-arranged, edited and extended to make the unit compatible with any lesson plan.

Year 4 Science: Friction; Water resistance
Year 4 Science: Friction; Water resistance
  • All presentations are created in PowerPoint for ease of use, versatility and editability.
  • Their flexibility means you can tailor the learning to your individual class’s needs.
  • The customisable resources give you the freedom to be as creative as you wish while remaining confident that all learning objectives are covered.

Inspiringly interactive

Embrace the interactive potential of your whiteboard so that every child is engaged. Activities, like the whole-class voting exercise shown here, ask pupils to make experiment predictions and to think about expected outcomes, involving your whole class in the lesson.

Year 3 Science: Helping plants grow well; Roots, leaves and stems
Year 3 Science: Helping plants grow well; Roots, leaves and stems
  • Step-by-step animations introduce and clarify important concepts in an accessible manner.
  • Over 400 interactive slides are embedded throughout the lessons.

A wealth of exciting ideas

Explore science in a unique, engaging and stimulating way. Virtual experiments, like this one about insulation, allow pupils to make observations, collect data and draw conclusions. Here, pupils investigate how a choc-ice could be kept colder for longer by testing different types of materials.

Year 4 Science: Keeping warm; keeping cool
Year 4 Science: Keeping warm; keeping cool
  • Simulations add clarity to complex scientific concepts and provide easily observable explanations for the whole class.
  • Fun and playful illustrations are intended to motivate and accelerate learning.
  • Clear photographs show science in a real-life context.

Additional teaching support

Boardworks presentations are complemented by numerous additional resources to enhance your teaching in a multitude of ways and ensure that you, and your pupils, get the most out of the learning resources. Printable templates are provided at the end of units to encourage pupil’s own work and presentations.

Year 4 Science: Circuits and conductors; Templates
Year 4 Science: Circuits and conductors; Templates
  • All units have detailed teacher’s notes, including more explanation of some scientific concepts and ideas for extension activities.
  • Template slides and plenary activities give pupils an opportunity to explain scientific concepts in their own words.
  • Interactive menu systems link supporting documents for each unit and clearly highlight the learning objectives covered.

Engaging and comprehensive from start to finish

Round up your lessons with interesting and varied plenaries. In this activity pupils learn about different types of food and are then asked to create a food chart to illustrate a healthy person’s diet. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to comprehensively cover a topic from start to finish.

Year 5 Science: Keeping Healthy; Food facts
Year 5 Science: Keeping Healthy; Food facts
  • With complete coverage of the QCA Scheme of Work and opportunities to review, practice, consolidate and test learning, pupils are well prepared for National science tests at the end of KS2.
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