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Cover time series graphs with our free animation!

Teach your students about time series graphs with our free animation.

Your class can choose from a range of flasks, all different shapes, and watch as they fill with water. The changing amount of water in the flask over time is then demonstrated on a time series graph.

Why not challenge your students to predict what each graph will look like based on the shape of the flask?


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 We also have free primary resources available! 


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Free game on solving equations!

Help your students solve equations with our free game!

This activity challenges students to move the domino pieces into the correct place on the grid so that each equation touches the correct solution.

Students must work out the value of x and can rotate pieces so that they all slot together.

A creative and fun way to learn equations, this game can be set to students individually or played in teams to create a whole class activity.















Explore estimation with this free presentation!

Guide your class through estimation with this free presentation.

Perfect as a whole class activity, the presentation includes an interactive game between two teams.

Each team must try and get four correct estimates in a row to win the game!

The presentation offers students an explanation on how to make effective estimates, while further interactive activities teach your class how to estimate points on a scale.


Crack integer circle sums with this new, free activity!

Try out our new free activity on integer circle sums.

This interactive challenges your students to complete the shape so that the sum of each circle is the same.

Students can drag and drop numbers into the petals to try and equal the circle sum. When all the correct numbers are in place, the circle will spin!















Free Primary resources on mental multiplication and division!

Download the free presentation on mental multiplication and division

The presentation features:

  • an animated function machine – fun and engaging this interactive activity challenges your students to find the input figure;
  • a series of gap fill questions – use to test your students mental maths skills;
  • an example of using multiplication facts to divide – click through the slide at your own pace to support your own teaching method.
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