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Boardworks is an electronic publisher, which means our expertise and experience is focused on creating the most effective resources for use with the technology in your classroom.

Boardworks gets you to use your technology

One of the biggest barriers to using the new technology in your classroom is the lack of resources to use on it. You could create the material yourself – but that would take time that you just don't have.

Boardworks gives you the answer – a ready-made, flexible resource designed to be used with your whole class.

I haven’t got an interactive whiteboard (IWB), I’ve got a data projector!

A large proportion of our customers use our resources very successfully without an IWB. The resources work brilliantly being projected onto a screen that’s not interactive – you simply interact at the PC, rather than at the board.

And because Boardworks’ resources are created in PowerPoint you can use them on any hardware being driven by a PC, including in ICT suites or in smaller groups around a computer..

To see what age ranges we publish content for at primary take a look at What We Cover. Or if you are ready to find out about the specifics, take a look at the Subject Areas we cover to start exploring our resources in detail.